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Roma Versitas Kosovo (KOS)

Roma Versitas Kosovo is the only organisation that mainly works with Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian students throughout Kosovo, on daily basis. The work of this project has been going on for more than five years, and the leading staff gained more than 5 years of direct experience in support of 500 Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian students in three resource centres of Kosovo, Prishtina, Prizren and Peja. The main aim was, and it will continue to be to raise the performance and capacity in academic and professional development of these three communities. We strongly believe in most students as great contributors of Kosovo and their own communities’ future.

As a result of successful implementation, the project that started five years ago, turned into an organization that aims to act as a portfolio with programs that will work more towards successes of all the Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian students in Kosovo. Roma Versitas Kosovo as organization has been established in May 2017.

Inter-institutional Cooperation: RV Kosovo Program aiming to make a wider stakeholder network, managed to arrange bilateral meetings with other international organisations, local organisations and embassy’s present in Kosovo that support students in the country and region with stipends and in attempt to develop cooperation perspectives with potential partners.

Public Relation/Public Information: Public Broadcast Service Provider of Kosovo with its programs was one of the greatest supporters of RV Kosovo from the beginning of the project implementation. The RTK was instrumental as of informing students and broader public opinion about vacancies in RV Kosovo for RV program, the application process for RV student beneficiaries, broadcasting implementation of program activities (workshops, events, classes, etc.).

RV Kosovo Program and Scholarship Assistance: RV held orientation sessions with interested students and facilitated all Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian students in RV Recourse Centre during the application period for RMUSP scholarship. RV staff organised meetings with students to inform and encouraged RV beneficiary students to apply for Transformation Leadership Program – Scholarships and Partnership founded by USAID where RV staff has supported interested students to complete needed documents for applying for scholarship.

RV Kosovo Program has been very instrumental in Students Referrals for Dormitory and Cantina in the UP, Internship Referrals and Employment Referrals.

RV students supporting their peers and potential internship in RV Kosovo program in support of the community: In addition to the modelled mentorship peer-to-peer support through advising and coaching techniques, some of RV students have gone even beyond this and naturally have demonstrated tutorship skills. Moreover, some of the RV students are to be used as potential for development of a potential internship program which could be beneficial for their communities.

RV Kosovo Program was part of regional competition for EU Roma Integration Award: The EU Roma Integration Award for Western Balkans and Turkey for the year 2015-2017, is the award that is given from European Commission to Roma Organizations that supports Roma’s to be integrated in society. RV Kosovo has applied for the award with Roma Versitas Kosovo Program where we have won 2nd place as the best implemented program for Integration of Roma’s in the region. Students’ engagement into youth initiatives and community contribute for conducting survey in the PZ school assistance primary school, Golden hands, where Roma Versitas Prizren was awarded with certificate for given contribution to the community.

Youth participation in European Roma Genocide Remembrance, in cooperation with the “Ternipe – Phiren Amenca” and another 14 Roma NGO’s initiative, this year from 28 July – 4 August 2017, 20 Roma Versitas students will participate in “Dikh he na Bister” event that will be held in Krakow / Poland.

Genc Broqi

Genc Broqi

Manager of RVK Program

Mr. Broqi is a highly motivated professional with over 18 years of experience and diversified background from a multitude of industries, such as banking, corporate, non-governmental; inter-government industry with attained skills such as project management, project implementation, project internal audit and evaluation, risk management, fraud combat, banking, procurement, logistics, office/warehouse management, HR and Finance.
For the last twelve years, he has been involved in procurement and card operations for ProCredit Bank on projects for MasterCard and VISA International. Additionally, he was Chairman of the Kosovo Card Fraud forum with the Kosova Bank Association. Furthermore, he worked with Fluor Government Group (FGG) in Gardez, Afghanistan, as a Material Controls Specialist – Team Lead; from 2012 he have worked for International Business College Mitrovica, under the auspices of SPARK NGO, as Head of Administration / Coordinator, from March 2014 up to December 2015 he have worked for Kosovo Agency for Advocacy and Development as Program Manager for the Roma Versitas Kosovo Program, From January 2016 until August 2017, has worked for Advancing Together as Program Manager, currently he is working for Roma Versitas Kosovo, as Program Manager / Coordinator. Last three positions have enabled him to contribute to a Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian community providing academic support to the students of RAE community. Lately he is selected as Member of the Board of Directors in NKP “Trafiku Urban” Prishtina, nominated as Chair of the Audit Committee. During his carrier always he has prioritized and invested in education, where he has finished Master Degree in the University of Prishtina with case study topic: Decision Making Process on Grant Implementation and its Impact on SME Development – (Case Study – IOM in Kosovo).