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The first phase of the renovation of the houses of the socially endangered Roma families in the municipality of Vinica has been completed. At that stage, nine houses were covered that were most damaged and needed urgent intervention.

Additionally, reconstruction of 13 more houses is underway and a total of 22 houses will be renovated within the project.
What makes us happy is that nine families already have a proper home, with better quality and decent living conditions. Old and dilapidated houses, damp, with damaged roofs, old doors and windows, are a thing of the past for these families.
The joy of these families can not be replaced by anything!
These activities are implemented within the project “Providing decent housing conditions for the Roma community in the municipality of Vinica – SDH Vinica”.
We continue to be committed to direct investment in the Roma community!
The project is funded by the European Union, and is implemented by CELIM from Milan – Italy, the Roma Resource Center from Skopje and the municipality of Vinica.

House No 3


House No 4


House No 5


House No 6


House No 7



House No 8



House No 9