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Association of Citizens for Support of Marginalised Groups Roma Resource Center (NMK)

 “Inclusive society”
   ” Inkluzivno opstestvo”

RRC was founded in March 2010. It is non-governmental and non-profit organization aimed to provide continuous support for the marginalized group of citizens, for sustainable development of civil society, youth, business community and the local self government as well as enhanced mobilization of all relevant community structures who can contribute to accelerate their integration within their communities and in its wider context, integration of North Macedonia in the EU. The main focus of RRC is to support the process of implementation of the Strategy for improving of the situation of Roma in North Macedonia, and to support the process of developing of national and local policies for providing of long term sustainability measures for improving of the situation of Roma.

Roma Resource Center is organization which is specialized for working for improving of the live and situation of marginalized groups of citizens in Macedonia through piloting of inclusive models and providing of long term sustainability of the positive
practices of inclusiveness.

    Also RRC is specified for provision of trainings and capacity building of youth, civil society organizations, local communities and business sector in North Macedonia.  Each RRC member is experienced with specific knowledge and expertise, excellent communication, computer and organizational skills. The organization with its activities contributes to development of the local community and civil society through supporting of the community with concrete actions on a local level, providing of grants for the grass root organizations,
    supporting of the early child hood development and preschool education, supporting of the education of the Roma students in primary education, capacity building of youth Roma, providing of paralegal support to the Roma community, organizing and coordination of grass root activities, implementation of professional trainings, consultations and project implementation. Also RRC is working for improving the quality of living of the Roma community through improving the housing conditions of the Roma families. RRC is actively involved for building of local structure for improving of the creation of policies for Roma, improving the implementation, coordination and monitoring and evaluation of the National and Local action plans from the National strategy for Roma. RRC implements activities
    for building of strong networks and structure on national and local level especially is focused on capacity building of the grass root organization as interlocutor on a local level.

    In the last three years, we eventually achieved many things. But the most important three achievements may be outlined as follows:

    Opening Radio Romano Vast: In Turkey, we have founded the first-ever Roma  radio broadcasting in three languages Turkish, Romani and English. Founded in cooperation with Radio Patrin, our radio is transformed into a visual radio with the funding of Dutch Embassy. We also start publishing of the first quarterly Roma Newspaper “Romanların Sesi” and take the first steps to establish an international Roma Radio Network. Opening of Ian F. Hancock Roma Research Archive and Culture Center: This center established by EU funding is the first NGO owned Roma culture center in Turkey. Governed by a committee of renown Roma and non-Roma scholars and activists like Ian F. Hancock, Hyristo Kyuchukov, Orhan Galjus, İlber Ortaylı, the center is dedicated to produce scientific knowledge on the history, culture, and language of Roma.

    Becoming REF’s Implementing Partner in Turkey:

    In 2018, we were selected as the implementing partner of REF’s Increasing Education Opportunities for Roma Students and Youth in the Western Balkans and Turkey program co-funded by EU and REF for three levels of the program. AKROMFED become the implementing partner of REF for ECD and primary education, secondary education and tertiary education. At the moment, we are implementing these very precious projects that
    can resemble a role model project for all Roma students in Turkey.

    Sebihan Demirovski

    Sebihan Demirovski
    Tel. num +389 75 211-747
    e-mail: sebihan.demirovski@rrc.org.mk