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Asocijacija Koordinatora Za Romska Pitanja (SRB)

Association of Coordinators for Roma Issues has been established in 2014 by the Coordinators from Roma Issues working in local self-government units. As an official network of existing Coordinators and focal points, advocating the improvement of the Social inclusion polices and projects for Roma inclusion and implementation of the Decade for Roma Inclusion in Serbia according the EU, international and national framework and policies for integration of Roma in Serbia.

 The aim of Association is to improve institutional framework and policies for Roma inclusion at the local level, civil participation and mediation process with local authorities and communities; to create durable solution for Roma inclusion with committed local authorities and empowered Roma communities. Development and protection of the human and minority rights and mechanisms, especially rights of Roma, youth, women and national minorities are key priorities of the Association. As an organization is established 2014, but members and consultants of Association are experienced and recognized experts for Roma issues particularly related to local policies, projects and measures for Roma inclusion.

The Association is providing technical support to all relevant stakeholders, international organizations, respective line ministries, cities and municipalities and to regional partners for the implementation and monitoring Roma inclusion projects and policies in area of education, employment, housing, health,  antidiscrimination and poverty reduction of Roma national minority.

The role of the Coordinators provided technical support to local authorities in the development and implementation of existing and new policies and programs of inclusion of Roma in accordance with national and local strategic framework, collected data on the socio-economic needs as a basis for the development and monitoring of local strategic documents related to the inclusion of Roma, supported civil society organizations dealing with the inclusion and improvement of the Roma community at the local level, promoted sectorial and cross-sectorial cooperation, had cooperation with local mechanisms for Roma inclusion such as the Pedagogical Assistants (PA) and Roma Health Mediators, Mobile Teams for Roma Inclusion, but also representatives with the Centre for Social Work, National Employment Service (branches of local governments) and civil society
organizations. Moreover, the Network of local facilitators has been created under amazing-Year-full-of-wonderful-achievements the Association of Coordinators for Roma Issues, facilitating process between decision makers and Roma community on durable and systematized solution through different Roma inclusion bodies and mechanisms.
Also, AOC have memberships with international stakeholders as UN agnecies, GIZ, CoE, The OSCE Mission to Serbia, Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities, Office for Human and Minority Rights (OHMR), Social Inclusion and Poverty Reduction Units (SIPRU), National Council for Roma National Minority.
Members of AOC participated in development National action plan for imlepmentation of Strategy for social inclusion of Roma man and women in Republic of Serbia 2016-2025.

Danijela Lakatos

Danijela Lakatos has a degree in Specialist studies, program Financial management at Belgrade Business School. She has gained her work experience in NGOs and international organizations and government institutions. She participated in the drafting of national strategic documents and action plans. She also participated in the preparation of national reports on Roma inclusion in the Republic of Serbia. Since 2018, she has shifted her focus to the local level, as a facilitator and expert on the ROMACTED program.