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COVID-19 stroke the world in a short period of time catching people unprepared for this challenge. Some people lost their job, others lost the right to hangout, attending school, or meeting beloved one and some got caught by this virus.

Rather than shutting down all the activities and taking a break Roma Versitas Albania took the initiative to be an active organisation by providing goods and services to their benefactors and Roma community. By their good will to help their benefactors and the community they came up with some solution for the problem, maybe those are not permanent solution, but RVA manage to ignite a sparkle of light to their underlings, telling theme that there is someone willing to help in this situation and they are not alone.

Firstly, in order to help their students Roma Versitas Albania came up with a solution for their academics by switch to online tutoring in order for them not to lose any academic hour. As for keeping them entertaining RVA came up with challenges and happy hours in which students created groups to meet online, playing online games and solving quests. Also, by partnering with Big Market they manage to provide students with basket goods in order for them to fill their tables in this pandemic situation.

Also, by partnering with local businessman and activists they made possible for poor Roma families in Driza, a Roma village in Fier, in Rrogozhina, some Durres locality and some other outside city settlements to supply them with necessary goods to pass the situation for the moment.

Every day this people keep in touch with their benefactors and students and always spread the same message “Stay safe and healthy, respect self-quarantine, take care of your beloved one, and do not stop your professional and academic”.